Electronic Visit Verification

Bringing transparency to home and community based care.

Careify™ EVV is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for provider agencies, managed care organizations, and State Medicaid Agencies.
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Careify™ EVV is the easiest way to manage and deploy electronic visit verification

Our best-in-class application leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a stable, secure, and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.
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Web App
With tools for both program administrators and providers, we make it easy for you to manage EVV. From resolving flags to generating reports Careify™ EVV has a number of features to help you get your work done.
Native Mobile Apps
BYOD - Bring your own device. With Careify™ EVV, caregivers are able to use their existing devices. Our native iOS and Android apps work on all GPS-enabled devices.

21st Century Cures Act

Careify™ EVV complies with all mandates outlined in Section 12006 of the 21st Century Cures Act. Appropriate for both Personal Care Services (PCS) and Home Health Services (HHCS), Careify™ EVV captures visit information including:
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Type of Service

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Date of Service

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Time of Service

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Individual Receiving Service

location of service image

Location of Service

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Individual Providing Service

CMS Guidence for EVV
The official resource from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Benefits of using Careify™ EVV

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Fraud Mitigation
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Enhanced Quality of Service

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Increase Administrative Efficiency
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Improve Accountability

3rd Party Aggregator

With the Careify™ EVV Data Aggregator, you can ingest and access visit data from other EVV vendors using Careify™ as the single source. This simplifies and streamlines EVV data for organizations large and small.
Real-Time Data
Real-time visit data is made available as soon as it is ingested or captured in the system.
Easy API Integration
External and 3rd Party EVV vendors can securely interface with the Careify™ EVV Data Aggregator via RESTful APIs.
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